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Saturday, April 28, 2007


Abigails Orthopedic Appt / Therapy

We took Abigail to see her orthopedic this week and did not get great news. I knew that it looked like her left leg was becoming a little shorter than the right so I made the appt for a follow up. Dr. Shrader took xrays of her pelvic area bones and leg and all her bones look good (so that is great news) but....her left leg is almost 3/4 of an inch shorter than her right from the knee bone down. Therefore, we are making an appt with the orthotis to have a new AFO made for her left foot and we will have to put a 3/4 lift on the bottom of her left shoes in order to keep her bones growing correctly. Please pray specifically that GOD will give her little left leg a growth spurt and it will catch up with her right leg.
Also- we heard back from her Katie Beckett (form of Medicaid) and they have sent us an intial denial which means...they have reviewed all her therapy documents and doctor notes and do not see her eligible to continue to have this coverage. So...Abigail will have no form of insurance within 30 days unless something changes?? Our insurance will not cover her b/c of preexisting conditions but I am not giving up. I will be submitting more info to the Katie Beckett review nurses. Please continue to pray that GOD will provide insurance some how...some way for our precious little Abigail.
Amanda :-)


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